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Leanne gets her decree absolute and changes her name back to "Battersby". Alma is depressed to get her decree nisi and starts planning her future. Martin is concerned for Rebecca when he finds her crying at work. She tells him that it helps to have someone to talk with. Curly helps set up a website for ex-residents to contact Roy at the cafe. Leanne feels a failure but Natalie urges her to put her failed marriage down to experience. Gail is furious when a woman phones for Martin but won't leave a message and refuses to say who she is. James Kitching urges Nita to apply for the job, telling her that she'd be perfect for it. She is delighted when he comes onto her and invites him in for coffee. Gail confronts Martin, telling him that she knows he has a girlfriend and saw him with another woman. She's unconvinced by his excuses and the couple bitterly row. Gail accuses Martin of being hard and when he tells her to start acting like his wife, she slaps him across the face. Martin tells her he's had enough and storms out. Gail is left in tears.


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