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Norris starts at The Kabin and mystifies Rita with his colour-coordinated displays and the way he takes notes to familiarise himself with the customers. Martin tries to help Rebecca Hopkins sort out her marriage problems. She is upset that husband Jerry doesn't want to have children. She feels that she doesn't like him any more. Gail breaks down and tells stunned Alma that she's seen Martin with his girlfriend and that she's certain he's having an affair. Alma insists Martin is devoted to her but Gail is certain. Norris takes a room with the Duckworths at the Park Road B&B. The residents elect Roy as chairman of the street's millennium party. Gwen Loveday is interested to find that Jim used to serve in the Engineers, her husband's old regiment. They find they have friends in common. Martin is uncomfortable talking about his work with Gail.


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