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Blanche drafts a threatening letter to send to bad debtors but Rita refuses to send it. Rita is annoyed when Blanche tells her that she sent a rep off. Les starts his ten-hour sponsored silence and is annoyed to discover he'll be accompanied at all times. Emily takes him hospital visiting. Rita determines to see the rep to spite Blanche and then discovers that it's Norris Cole. He tries to interest her in Guarana chewing gum and to spite Blanche she places an order. Deirdre is upset when Blanche tells her that she could lose her appeal and everyone assumes she'll go back to prison. Gail admits to Alma that she's having a bad time with Martin, ever since she banned sex. Alma suggests she seduces him. Mark gets annoyed when Mike says that the Battersbys are scum. Gail gets drunk and tries to seduce Martin but he isn't interested, pointing out it's become an effort for them to be intimate. Les manages his ten hours. Janice is proud of him. Deirdre is touched when Les wishes her well and tells her that she doesn't deserve to go to court or go to prison.


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