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Realising that Steve is desperate for money, Kevin buys the van for £1,500, with £600 down. Leanne decides not to bother with Vik any more and flirts with Mark instead. Rita is upset when Ian calls her a selfish old woman who tried to buy herself companionship. She warns him that she'll come after him if he hurts Sharon again. Les goes to court and his case is held over until the New Year. His solicitor asks him to provide character references but he realises everyone hates him. Roy tries to drum up interest from the locals for a millennium party. When no one comes to his meeting he rallies the troops at the Rovers. They decide to have a fancy dress party. Sharon and Ian leave the street. Sharon tells Rita that she'll always be a mother to her, but Rita refuses to give her her blessing. Nevertheless she is distraught to see her go.


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