Annie performs her "duty" of letting Ena know about Len and Tom. Lucille can't wait to finish her exams. Tom isn't bothered about Len but Ena refuses take the builder's offensive comments lying down. Emily advises Lionel to take a personal interest in his customers, otherwise they might as well shop at supermarkets. Ena collects her photos from Harry Pegg. She thinks she looks like Dracula's grandmother and blames Pegg for not relaxing her. Lionel cuts his prices and trade starts to pick up. Ena warns Elsie that Len will end up being beaten in the back entry if his attitude doesn't improve. Elsie agrees with her every word. Sandra plans a party for her birthday, with Dennis as the main guest. She has a plan to ensure he attends. Len stays away from the Rovers and Elsie accuses him of being too embarrassed to show his face. She correctly guesses that he regrets turning Willie Piggott down and Tom Schofield is just a convenient target to vent his frustrations as he's successful. Lionel starts getting on better with the residents but some are suspicious of his about-turn, with Albert taking offence when Lionel offers him credit. David has photos taken for his column in the Weatherfield Advertiser. Len apologises to Tom and takes him to Jackson's Chip Shop for the experience. Lucille decides she needs a new image since she's leaving school. Len also makes up with Ena by giving her and Minnie a lift into town. Ena discovers she'll be going to America in four days.


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Miss Nugent: "That's why people still come to little shops like ours, isn't it Mr Petty? The cash register at the supermarket turnstile isn't going to ask about Grandma's lumbago, is it"?
Annie Walker: "Somebody had to tell the poor old soul."
Jack Walker: "Mrs Sharples? I'd never 'av recognised 'er from that description."

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