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Steve and Vik set off for Calais. Sharon feels that she can't sell The Kabin as it would hurt Rita too much. Ian feels Rita only gave it to her to keep her tied to her and points out that Rita will understand if she really loves her. Jim is upset when Liz writes to tell him she's marrying Michael. He feels his life hasn't moved on at all since she left him. Natalie gives Shane Mallett the money donated by the regulars for Gary and the children. Gary is angered by the money and refuses it. He gives it back at the Rovers telling people he doesn't need charity. Jim feels he's always going to be alone. Natalie tries to cheer him up by cooking him a meal. Tyrone is sad to discover that Monica has a microchip in her ear with her owner's address on it. Rita fears she's going to drive Sharon away. Fred advises her to make an effort with Ian and that way win Sharon back. Sharon decides her future is with Ian and not Rita. She tells him that she will sell The Kabin. Natalie is upset when Jim gets drunk and makes a pass at her. She throws him out.


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