Tom Schofield samples beef dripping for the first time. Ena plans to spend three weeks in Nebraska. Lionel only took £1 1/3 yesterday. He's puzzled by the lack of local trade, unaware that the residents are boycotting him. Jack tries out cheroots as an alternative to cigarettes. Annie is dismayed by Lucille's poor diction and worries that it'll hold her back. Albert has a problem with vegetables being stolen from his allotment. Tom bumps into Len in the Rovers and the situation escalates when Len refuses to accept his apology. Tom remains friendly in the face of Len's rude comments about "Yanks". The regulars are embarrassed by him. Ena has her passport photo taken by Harry Pegg. She has to leave and come back when the photographer orders her to take off her hairnet. Annie defies the residents and shops at Petty's. She lets slip to Lionel that Ena is leading the boycott. David starts a football gossip column in the Weatherfield Advertiser for £5 a week. Lionel asks Stan for a sick note from Irma if she's off work any longer. Lionel confronts Ena over his lack of trade. When he insults her, Tom throws him out of the vestry. Ena is vaccinated by Dr. Aston. Emily nearly faints at the sight. Ena holds Emily responsible for her harmonium while she's away. Elsie tries to get to the bottom of Len's moodiness. He says he had enough of Americans splashing their money around during the war. Albert, David, Stan and Charlie take Tom on a pub crawl. They bump into Len and Elsie on the way out of the Rovers and Len walks out when Elsie accepts a drink from Tom.


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