Nita takes holiday from Freshco's to run the shop for Ravi, infuriating Vik. Les is sickened to get a letter from the DSS asking him for an interview. Steve plans to buy a lot of cheap alcohol in Calais to sell for millennium parties and clear his outstanding tax bill. Derek drives his truck into the street and obstructs the traffic. He refuses to move it until Doreen agrees to come home with him. She is shocked by his behaviour and refuses to listen when he declares his love for her. Sharon refuses to tell Rita about her wedding as she doesn't want her spoiling it. Danny is stunned when Ian tells him that Sharon has told him how they used to be mates. Danny assures him they were never more than friends. Sharon and Ian are married, with Sally and Danny as their witnesses. Maxine gets annoyed as her parents refuse to talk to each other. Doreen refuses to give up her freedom now she's found it. Ken agrees to look after the Freshco's firework display in return for double pay. Doreen is reconciled with Derek when the police arrive and he says he'd rather go to prison than spend his life alone. Maxine and Ashley are thrilled to finally be alone.


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