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Vera is annoyed when lonely Monica howls all through the night. She orders Tyrone to get rid of her. Ashley is desperate for Doreen to leave so he can be alone with Maxine. Doreen is adamant she never wants Derek back. Danny is aghast when Sally tells him that they are going to be witnesses at Sharon's wedding. The Desais mourn when Ravi's brother Raj dies. Vinny is thrilled when he gets his brewing licence through for Vinny's Velvet. Ashley tells Derek he should fight to win Doreen back and urges him to be assertive. Natalie is furious when Harvey Nuttall discovers that she's serving Vinny's Velvet through one of his pumps. He tells her it breaks their legal agreement and threatens to make trouble. She accuses him of being petty and tells him that she'll stop selling his beer. He is forced to backtrack and ends up promising to provide a special pump for Vinny's brew. Roy and Hayley practice bandaging for their first aid course. When Roy continues to critique her technique, Hayley sticks a plaster over his mouth. Whilst Ravi prepares to fly to India, Vik looks forward to running the shop by himself. Doreen is enraged when Derek tells her that he's prepared to forgive her behaviour and take her back. She throws him out, telling him that she'll never return to him. Tyrone sleeps in the shed with Monica to stop her howling.


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