Deirdre is dismayed when Linda returns to Underworld. Spider is hostile when he goes for a job at the DSS until he recognises the interviewer, Tim Munson as a fellow eco-warrior, "Ganja Timmy", who tells him how important it is to work the system from within. Maxine refuses to provide alibis to Melanie so she can see Tom behind Philip Hodson's back. Sharon is scared about entering a relationship with Ian again. She decides she'll have to stop seeing him. Spider is taken on at the DSS. Roy and Hayley let the first-aiders meet at the cafe and practice mouth to mouth on a dummy. Roy is annoyed when Hayley is star pupil. Maxine breaks down when Ashley's ship is rerouted to Iceland, delaying his return. Sharon is thrilled when Ian tells her that he wants them to be together forever.


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