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Ken feels down on his sixtieth birthday and is stunned when Blanche makes a big deal of it, putting out an announcement on local radio (resulting in him taking calls from ex-pupils all day), putting it in the paper, hanging a banner outside the house and throwing a party for him at the Rovers. Mike fumes when Alma demands half the equity on the flat. Linda accuses him of wanting her out of his life as well as the factory. He tells her that she's being stupid and warns her that she'll have to find another job as he can't afford to keep her. Ken's pension amounts to £6,000 a year and a lump sum. Deirdre is shocked to get a date for her appeal hearing. Jim tells Martin he wishes he hadn't had his vasectomy. Ken has an awful day enduring Blanche's surprises but is genuinely thrilled when Tracy arrives for his party with Robert. Deirdre is stunned when Tracy tells her that Blanche had said they're getting married again. Martin suggests to Gail that she gets sterilised. She refuses to consider the idea. Mike tells Deirdre he's sacked Linda but asks her to tell the girls that Linda decided to leave. Tom tells Audrey his mother is dead and left him money in her will. After Blanche tells Mike that Ken's come into a lump sum, he tells Ken that he'll expect him to pay back the £10,000 he paid on Deirdre's legal fees.


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