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Gary realises that Terry must have stolen the car. Maud and Emily leave for the Far East. Emily asks Spider to look after the house and he promises he won't abuse her trust. Linda clears out her bedsit and moves in with Mike. Gary informs the police about the missing car and Terry. Alma tells Mike that she doesn't care if Linda moves in with him. Toyah rows with Curly as he keeps getting at her. He tells her to move out so Spider puts the tent up on the Red Rec. Fred admits to Kathleen he wants more than friendship from her. She tells him their past is buried and she won't be seeing him again. He is devastated. Toyah agrees to live in the tent when Spider tells her it will be romantic. Gary assures Vera that he doesn't blame her for Judy's death any more. The police phone Terry on his mobile, unaware that he is having the car wrecked at a scrapyard as they speak to him. He tells the police he has no idea where the car is as he watches it being crushed.


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