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In shock, Emily rings for an ambulance and runs round to the Rovers to raise the alarm. Ken's attempts to resuscitate Judy fail and he realises she's dead. Sharon comes round after taking some pills and is filled with self-disgust at her actions. Natalie goes to the wedding to bring Gary back home, saying Judy is ill. He's concerned and rushes back, where Ken breaks the news his wife is dead. In utter disbelief, Gary embraces her body and cries over her. Rita discovers Sharon's flat full of pills and drink. Sharon tells her after her string of failed relationships, she felt life was all one big nothing. Rita's furious with her and accuses her of self-pity. Sharon insists it wasn't a proper suicide job - she hasn't got the guts for that. A devastated Gary breaks down, asking Jim where the justice is in him losing his wife and his children losing their mother. Unable to understand why she died, he sobs in Jim's arms.


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