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Ashley and Maxine's wedding day dawns. Audrey and Doreen Heavey throw themselves into the wedding preparations. Tom tries to keep out of randy Doreen's way. Proud Fred prepares nervous Ashley for the wedding. He tells his son never to neglect passion in his marriage. Judy feels ill from the pain in her leg. Gary doesn't like leaving her with the twins to go to the wedding. Emily comes round to see Judy and tells her about Spider and Toyah's relationship and how they've moved out. Maxine is driven to the church in a Rolls-Royce and is given away by Derek. After seeing Sally and Danny kissing in the street, Sharon closes The Kabin and trashes the shelves in a tearful rage. She goes upstairs and starts knocking back the booze, bitterly looking at the photographs of her and Ian's wedding day. Maxine and Ashley exchange vows and are married. Kathleen hangs around outside the church to see Ashley married. Fred insists she says hello to Ashley, who hugs her in delight. Ashley insists Fred and Kathleen are on the wedding photographs, telling the stunned congregation that they're his parents. Melanie determines to have a final fling before her own wedding and drags Tom off to christen the bridal suite. Drunk Sharon phones Ian and leaves a message on his answerphone saying she's sick of men making a fool of her. She starts to take tablets. Gary's speech is full of how important love is in a marriage. Judy suffers pains in her ribs and, whilst in the backyard pegging out the washing, collapses clutching her chest. Emily returns from town to hear the twins crying and investigates. Getting no answer at the front door, she goes round the back to find Judy lying in the yard unconscious. She shouts for help.


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