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Kevin is in a foul temper over Alison leaving him. Natalie makes matters worse by complaining that the garage isn't making enough profit. Danny is stunned when Sharon asks him to move in with her. He turns the offer down and tells her that they're finished. Ashley invites Kathleen round and tries to understand how she could have given him up. She explains she didn't want a child and refused to sacrifice herself for him. They agree that they'd like to get to know each other. Danny tells Sally that he's finished with Sharon and wants them to have a relationship. Ashley is disappointed when Kathleen tells him that she won't attend his wedding; Beryl is his mother. Natalie presents Jack with a tankard for his leaving present and proud Tyrone gives him Fergie the pigeon, stuffed and mounted. Jack is horrified but doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Sharon feels she's frightened Danny off and fears she's going to be alone for the rest of her life. Rita tries to comfort her. Kevin tells Jim and Tyrone that the garage is doing bad business and Natalie says they must be fired. Jim is disgusted with him whilst Tyrone is distraught.


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