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Sally is uncomfortable when Sharon moans about inattentive Danny. Alison resigns from Underworld and considers moving to London. Danny apologises to Sally for declaring his feelings but insists they are genuine. She refuses to be mucked around and tells him that he's pathetic for coming to her behind Sharon's back. He keeps on at her, saying Sharon means nothing to him. Maxine panics as she has no bridesmaid. Vinny starts work full-time at the Rovers. Danny tells Sally he knows she has feelings for him and asks her to be honest with herself. She tells him that she can't cope with the situation. Alison gives the girls goodbye presents and tells Sally she's sorry she won't see them again. Ashley decides he will invite Kathleen to the wedding. Sharon tells Sally that sex with Danny is fantastic and she intends to invite him to move in with her. Alison collects her stuff from the flat and, despite Kevin begging her to stay, walks out of his life.


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