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Nuttalls find out about Vinny moonlighting in the Rovers and order him to stop. Natalie pleases him by insisting he leaves the brewery and works for her full-time. Alison plans a birthday surprise for Kevin. Toyah is amazed when Spider suggests they tell her parents about them. They tell Janice who warns them not to tell Les. Jim is furious to find Steve being paid £1,000 by a stranger, Mr Downing, for his smuggled goods. He makes a scene before discovering Steve hasn't smuggled drugs but a dog, Polly, into the country. Maud summons Sidney Templeton's family and tells them that she's not giving them the money. Instead she's going to pay for a trip to the Far East to scatter his ashes on the site of the bridge over the River Kwai. Emily is amazed when Maud asks her to go with her. Ashley tells Beryl that he wants to meet Kathleen. He assures her that she'll always be his mother but he needs to meet her. Sharon takes Danny off to Blackpool. Steve is amused that Jim thought he was getting drugs. Natalie realises that she's going to have to sack Jack.


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