Kathleen is startled to see Fred and isn't pleased that he wants to talk about Ashley. She is stunned that Ashley knows about her and wants to meet her. She tells Fred that she doesn't want to meet Ashley but is pleased to hear he's getting married. Jack is furious to discover Vera has bought a car from Terry. Alison is grateful to Kevin for standing up to her parents. When Toyah spends all her time hanging around Spider, Emily thinks that she sees him as a father figure and tries to put her off calling. Sharon decides to surprise Danny and take him away for a dirty weekend. She asks embarrassed Sally to look after his stall so he can go. Lee Sankey asks Steve to go to Amsterdam and smuggle in something other than tobacco. Steve agrees - to Jim's alarm. Fred puts Ashley off searching for Kathleen by saying it will hurt Beryl. Toyah insists that Spider tells Emily the truth about their relationship.


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