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Toyah gets her exam results but saves opening the letter until she's with Spider. She gets an 'E' for Combined Sciences, 'C's for Maths and French, 'B's for Literature and Drama and an 'A' for English Language. She's overjoyed and Spider is delighted for her. Deirdre returns to Underworld. Maud is stunned when Sidney Templeton leaves her £10,000 in his will. Les and Janice throw a party to celebrate Toyah's results, the first Battersby to go to college. Toyah tells Ken that she couldn't have done it without his help. Alison introduces Kevin to her parents, Bob and Joan Wakefield. They are shocked to hear of the engagement and waste no time in telling him about Cheryl's death. Fred tells Beryl Peacock that Ashley wants to see Kathleen Gutteridge and he doesn't want to lie to him any more. Terry returns to Birmingham after selling the car to Vera for £1,500 cash and taking her old car in exchange. Kevin rows with the Wakefields, telling them that they're the only ones to blame for Cheryl's death. They leave, saying they won't be back. Fred calls at Kathleen's house.


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