Albert tells Minnie he's found Charlie and delegates the task of fetching him to Len and Stan. Ken admits to David that he'd rather the twins weren't christened until they're old enough to decide for themselves. Ken and David's old christening shawl is delivered to No.11 by mistake after being sent by Frank. Val refuses to use it so Ken returns it to Elsie for her to "just miss them" so as not to offend Frank. Florrie refuses to keep Ena informed about the shop; she doesn't owe her anything. She's keen to leave the area but Ena believes she'll be desperate to come back within a week. Peter and Susan are christened at St. Mary's Church. The Godparents are: Peter's - David, Albert and Val. Susan's - David, Emily and Val. The Lindleys are vaccinated. Hilda scrapes together £20 to repay Charlie. Frank sets off home from the church while the residents join Ken and Val for sandwiches and drinks at No.9. Emily continues to lead Len on about the holiday before admitting that she's been pulling his leg. Norman asks Dennis to pass on his regards to Elsie. Sid Lambert, chairman of Weatherfield Athletic, calls the Rovers asking for David. Charlie bombs at The Red Lion. Len and Stan bring him home. Hilda puts the £20 in an envelope and pushes it through Minnie's letterbox.


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Florrie Lindley: "Bowin' and scrapin' to people who's come in wi' no manners. Comin' in as though though they own the place, treatin' ye' like muck."

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