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Linda overhears Alma referring to her as a gold-digger and tells her that she's a sad old woman. Fred and Audrey take Sidney Templeton out for a drive to probe his background and finances. They are horrified when he suddenly dies sat in the back of the car. Audrey feels they've killed him but Fred is more concerned in getting him back to Mayfield Court without being spotted. Ken talks Curly into employing him as a trolley boy at Freshco's. Alma treats herself to a holiday in Spain. Fred and Audrey are forced to take Sidney to the hospital when Maud's presence prevents them returning him to the home. They break the news to Maud who tells them she's grateful to them for trying to interfere on her behalf. Fred comforts her as she weeps. Deirdre is furious to discover Ken has taken a menial job. He assures her he wants a job where he doesn't have to think but she feels it's humiliating.


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