Sally is put out to hear that Sharon and Danny are getting on well together. Vera reminds Ken that he's Jack's Godfather and asks him to talk him into having a private operation. Ken makes Jack admit that if it was Vera in need of the operation he'd gladly pay for it. Leanne rows with Gail when the cheque bounces. Gail is furious to discover Martin has emptied their account and accuses him of humiliating her and bossing her. He is adamant he did it for the good of the family but she makes him feel guilty. Alma is startled when Mike accuses her of becoming a lush as she's always in the Rovers. Jack tells Vera to drop the idea of going private. He will not waste their money. Gail is surprised when, rather than apologising, Martin rounds on her over being heavy-handed and refuses to tell her where he's put the money. Ravi breaks it to Alma that Mike has a new young girlfriend.


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