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Gail signs Leanne's cheque. Sharon is thrilled when Danny asks her out and accepts the invitation. Rita urges her to tread carefully as Sally is keen on him. Vera worries that the waiting list is too long and looks into Jack going private. Vik decides the divorce makes no difference and asks Leanne to carry on going out with him. Jim is appalled to find Steve selling tobacco to Lee Sankey in the house. He throws Lee out and rants at Steve, fearing he'll end up in prison again. He tells him that he'll have to move out if he intends to carry on smuggling. Tyrone tells Vera about Jack's attack. She can't cope with the worry and insists he has a private operation. He refuses to go private, stating Vera will need all the money if he dies. Steve tells Jim he won't go to Belgium any more but then secretly phones Lee to set up their next consignment. Sally is taken aback when Sharon tells her that Danny has asked her out. She is forced to give her her blessing, saying Danny is just a friend. Linda is thrilled when Mike buys her an expensive dress. Martin is furious to hear Leanne is considering an exotic holiday and rows with Gail for giving her money when all they can afford is a caravan in Wales.


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