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Gail is pleased Nick wants a divorce. Kevin and Alison move into their new flat. Leanne phones Nick who tells her that he wants a divorce so that they can both be free again to enjoy life. She is annoyed as she was enjoying life before she got his letter. Linda asks Hayley to keep quiet about her relationship with Mike. Hayley decides not to tell anyone as she doesn't want to hurt Alma. Ashley and Maxine look at churches but they're all booked up. Maxine is adamant she wants a big church wedding. Rosie is upset at the thought of Kevin moving into another flat until he assures her that she can visit whenever she wants. Fred puts Beryl Peacock off Maxine by inferring she's promiscuous. Beryl makes it clear that she hates Maxine, causing her to think everyone must be right and she calls off the wedding.


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