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Rosie is suspended from school for locking a child in a cupboard. Her teacher tells Sally that she needs to see a child psychologist. Sally tells Kevin she can't cope with her any more. Alma accuses Mike of lying to her over his finances and tells him that she wants half of everything. She warns him that she'll fight him for what's hers. Steve does another tobacco run and tells Jim it's easy. Mike tells his workers that Alma's pushing him for money and he might have to sell the factory. The girls blame Alma but Hayley stands up for her. Fred takes Audrey out to watch dog racing from a private box. Nita confronts Alma over her opinion of her. Alma apologises, saying she is feeling insecure. Nita assures her that she's not after her job. Maud warns Maxine that Fred will try and break her and Ashley up. Maxine is stunned when Ashley tells her that Fred is really his father. She worries that Fred will turn Ashley against her.


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