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Maxine is happy that Ashley has proposed until Audrey tells her that Fred proposed to her as well. She thinks they've had a bet to find someone to marry and is furious. When Steve plans another trip to Belgium, Jim urges him to be careful, worried he'll end up in prison again. Ashley swears to Maxine he had no idea Fred proposed to Audrey at the ball. She doesn't believe him and refuses to marry him. He begs her to believe him and swears he loves her and will move away if she doesn't marry him. She is finally persuaded and when he asks again, she agrees to marry him. Sally spells it out to Danny that she only wants them to be friends as she needs to devote herself to the girls. He accuses her of making excuses and backs off. Audrey lets Fred down lightly, saying she can't contemplate remarrying yet. He is stunned when Ashley tells him that he's marrying Maxine. Sally wishes Kevin well when he tells her that he's going to move in with Alison. Fred thinks Ashley's throwing himself away on Maxine and determines to stop him making a big mistake. Alma is furious to hear that Mike is spending money on luxury hotels and the good life.


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