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Sally is frustrated as Rosie makes a great deal of saying she likes Alison. Maxine spends the night with Ashley and is pleased they're back together. Alma is flattered when Curly invites her to the Freshco's ball. Steve gives Vik tobacco to sell but Ravi finds it and rows with Vik, telling him that he can't handle it as it's against the law. Linda notices one of the girls, Jean Walters, stealing knickers. Alma sees a solicitor about a divorce and safeguarding her entitlement to Mike's money. Ravi tries to put Leanne off Vik by telling her that he has many girlfriends. Fred is horrified when Ashley tells him that Maxine is his girlfriend. Ashley warns him not to try and come between them. Alison is thrilled when Kevin says he wants to find somewhere for them to live. Betty throws Steve out of the Rovers for selling tobacco. Hayley is stunned to see Mike squeezing Linda's hand in an intimate way.


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