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Linda spends the night with Mike but he forces her to go to work on the bus, telling her that he doesn't want anyone to know about them. Ravi worries that Vik will ruin his life by getting involved with Leanne. Ashley helps Maxine decorate her flat. Leanne moves into the Rovers. Mr Hardy punches Gary in the face and accuses him of telling his wife about his girlfriend. Mrs Hardy turns up and apologises, assuring Judy there's nothing going on between Gary and her. Gary is annoyed that Judy did think he was being unfaithful. When Rosie is rude to a dinner lady at school, she is sent home. Sally decides to ground her for the weekend. Maxine relaxes at No.4 after decorating and enjoys being with Ashley. Linda is thrilled when Mike tells her that they're going away for the weekend. Maxine admits to Ashley she made a mistake finishing with him. He is thrilled when she kisses him.


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