Ashley is uncomfortable when he discovers that Vik has spent the night with Leanne. Sally struggles to cope with sullen Rosie. She is touched to find Danny has kept her stall going whilst she's been on holiday. Curly gives Alma moral support and takes her to the flat to collect her things. When Mike interrupts them, she throws her wedding ring at him. She tells Curly that she knows she's doing the right thing by not going back to Mike. Toyah has her first GCSE exam. Ravi cooks for his children but Vik sneaks away early to take Leanne out. Sally takes Danny to the Rovers but gets the Platts to join them so she's not on her own with him. Ravi tells Nita that if her new career doesn't work out she can always come home. Leanne is furious when Ashley makes Vik feel uncomfortable and tries to stop him from staying the night. She tells Ashley that she'll do what she likes in her room.


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