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Martin can't believe he saved Les's life. Vik is horrified at the thought of running the shop when Nita leaves. He urges Ravi to refuse to let her go but Ravi tells him that he'll make a splendid job as a shopkeeper. Les begrudgingly thanks Martin for saving his life. Janice refuses to let him sue the Happy Days Holiday Park for compensation. Mike tells Alma she has to reach a decision about them as he's tired of her not forgiving him. When Betty tells her it's her thirtieth anniversary at the Rovers, Rita informs Natalie. Vikram envies Nita escaping the shop. Betty is asked to work the evening shift only to have the regulars throw a surprise party in her honour. Audrey advises Alma to keep Mike sweating before returning to him. Janice urges Owen to accept the fact that she's happily married. He is adamant she's not happy and tells her that he wants her.


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  • In a continuity error, 2nd June 1999 is the thirtieth anniversary of Betty Williams arriving in the street but she didn't start working behind the bar of the Rovers for another two days.
  • TV Times synopsis: Janice struggles to do the right thing; Les thanks his lucky stars; and Mike issues Alma with an ultimatum.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,080,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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