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Janice has a rotten time as Les spends all of his time preparing for his clubhouse gigs. Natalie offers Gary a job, helping Jack in the cellar. Gary agrees on the condition he's not taking Jack's job. Janice is horrified when, to raise a laugh, Les throws her fully-dressed into the swimming pool. Toyah is embarrassed by the whole show. Harry Pringle tells Mike that he can't find Julia Stone and suggests he presses the police to find her. The police tell Mike he's not going to find any proof of the blackmail so they can't charge Greg. Natalie talks Jack into agreeing to let Gary do the cellar work by saying he needs the money and will be called his assistant. Janice is humiliated when Owen Williams tells her that she deserves better than Les. He tells her that she's lovely. She's flattered but tells him that she's too old for him. Les plugs his microphone into a wrong socket and suffers an electric shock. His heart stops but Martin is on hand to save his life. Toyah panics and Janice feels guilty as she was with Owen when he received the shock.


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