Hilda discreetly tries to replace the £6. Stan can only lend her 18/-. Charlie takes the day off sick and fakes a cold for Minnie's benefit. Minnie makes him ill for real by plying him with Robertson's Rapid Cough Cure. David didn't enjoy himself at the party without Irma and wishes he hadn't gone. Ken thinks Irma is too flighty for David and not worth the aggro. Hilda stuns Annie by asking for a month's wages in advance. Annie refuses to entertain the idea. Emily is a bag of nerves as she prepares to sit her driving test. The delivery boy flirts with Irma at the shop. David sees it and accuses Irma of encouraging him. Irma tells David that she's cheap and common and if he doesn't like it he can find someone else. Stan realises Hilda has something on her mind but she won't say. Charlie secretly pours the cough medicine into a hot water bottle. Hilda tries to get her money back on the two-piece but Emily says it's already gone through the books and they have a no cash refunds policy. Emily lets Elsie think the test was a disaster before admitting that she passed with flying colours. David gives Irma a pair of stockings and makes up with her. Charlie works out a plan where he collects as much as he can from his customers and puts it together with his wages from this week and next week to come up with the £20, but he'll have to stay off sick until he gets paid. Annie passes on a message from Charlie's boss Mr Kirby who is coming round tomorrow to check the books.


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  • The programme's title is displayed over a shot of the ginnel taken from the Corner Shop's back yard, instead of the usual title caption.
  • TV Times synopsis: A testing time for Hilda and Miss Nugent
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,850,000 homes (3rd place).
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