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Jim starts work at the garage and feels he's regaining his dignity. Sally is harassed at the market by trader Phil Sutton and fellow stallholder Danny Hargreaves steps in to help her. Mike attempts to boost trade, desperate to raise £10,000. Curly is horrified when Tyrone, racing around with a row of trolleys, rams them into Aiden O'Donnell's car. He gets Tyrone to run off and tells Aiden that he must have been a local tearaway. Tyrone is grateful but Curly is very angry and later tells him he can't work at Freshco's any more in case Aiden recognises him. Upset, Tyrone tells Curly to stick his job and his house and storms out. Spider falls for Nita and is pleased when she agrees to have a drink with him. She disappoints him by spelling out that she's only interested in friendship. Mike feels guilty when Alma tells him that his love will pull her through the cancer. Curly worries that Tyrone will start sleeping rough again. Mike is disgusted with himself for throwing everything away for one night with Julia.


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Curly Watts (to Tyrone Dobbs): "I'm due a visit by Aiden O'Donnell this morning. He's not going to be very impressed if he arrives there and I'm still here lingering over a leisurely breakfast with a human vacuum cleaner. Sorry... half human."

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