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Still at Oulton Park, Dennis's "friends" bleed him dry. David asks Irma out to his favourite jazz club. Irma feels out of place there so they move on after an hour. Dennis namedrops David to impress the group but only Caroline is familiar with him, from the bribe scandal. They all decide to head off to a party before the last race and tell Dennis it's by invitation only so he can't go with them. Rupert Andrews makes up directions to the nearest bus stop as Dennis heads back to Weatherfield. Len decides not to contact Jerry in Blackburn. Elsie upsets Emily by suggesting that she takes her shop work so seriously because it's all she has in her life. Dennis arrives home penniless but is too proud to admit that his friends are taking him for a fool, telling Elsie that he refused their offer of a lift home. Jack agrees to swap Charlie's £20 in loose change for notes after a long day's collecting. He puts the notes in a cigarette packet. The brewery asks the Walkers if they'll be requiring holiday cover this year. Annie longs to go abroad but Jack prefers local. Lucille feels she has seen the last of Roger Wain because of the class difference. Len confides in Dennis that as a lad he fell in with the same sort of crowd and ended up fighting with them. Dennis realises he's been foolish. Hilda asks Annie for an advance on her wages. Annie considers it only if it's an emergency. Immediately after their conversation, Hilda finds Charlie's cigarette packet on the bar with the wad of cash stuffed inside.


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