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Sally agrees to give up her share of the garage in exchange for Kevin giving her the house. They go to a solicitor to make the agreement legal. Leanne tells Nick that she's been upset by the easy way he's lied to people about the baby. Alison sees Kevin with Sally and jumps to the conclusion that they're back together. She tells him that he could have had the decency to tell her they're over. Leanne tells Janice and Toyah about the abortion. They comfort her when she says she feels empty. She goes to the college and meets Miranda Peters who stuns her by knowing all about the abortion. Hayley presses Roy to invite his mother and her husband to the wedding. Leanne tells Nick she always thought he was more caring than other husbands and tells him that he's really hurt her by confiding in Miranda. She accuses him of not treating her as his equal. Kevin tries to win Alison round but she tells him it's obvious she isn't important to him and tells him that she hopes he'll be miserable with Sally.


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