Elsie is amazed when Dennis gets up at 8.30am on a Sunday to go to Oulton Park. Dennis is certain that Caroline Critchley fancies him. Elsie thinks she must be kinky. Stan doesn't return from London with Albert and Charlie. The men tell Hilda they lost him in Soho. Stan arrives, having missed his train and hitched a ride home. He tells Hilda he went to a club with some Liverpool supporters and lost track of time. Hilda finds a card from a strip club in his possessions. Lucille's sixteenth birthday arrives and the Walkers ask her to call them Auntie and Uncle. Lucille receives French bath salts from Annie and a dressing table from Harry and Concepta. Dennis wears a bowtie and trilby and borrows a shooting stick for the day. David's leg is better but he still feels he's missed his chance to be snapped up by a big team and would be better going back to engineering. Dennis is dismissive of the class difference when Elsie expresses concern about his new "friends". Len returns to discover Jerry has left. Caroline picks Dennis up in her sports car. Dennis buys the first round of drinks to impress the group. Norman is still writing to Florrie from Iceland. Emily buys Lucille lace hankerchiefs. Jack drops a crate of beer on the cake Florrie has brought for Lucille's birthday. The Cheshire set amuse themselves with Dennis. Rupert Andrews offers to sell Dennis his sports car for £500 to see what he says. Caroline pretends to lose his shooting stick for a laugh. Florrie replaces the cake. Lucille blows out the candles and wishes that the Hewitts would return. The set get Dennis to buy all the drinks, knowing he won't refuse.


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