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Nick tells Leanne to admit to herself that the baby is going to mess things up for them. Calling themselves "A Cut Above", Tom and Maxine place a board outside the salon flat and lure Audrey's customers upstairs for their haircuts. Audrey is furious when she finds out and threatens to evict Maxine. Ravi tells Rita that she's making a mistake giving The Kabin to Sharon, pointing out that Sharon could sell up and move away leaving Rita alone and without her business. Deirdre is taken aback when Ken says that perhaps Blanche and Tracy are right and they should get back together. Roy and Hayley visit Jessica Lundy at St. Paul's Church and find the church is exactly what they're looking for. Jessica isn't bothered by Hayley's sexuality but tells them that she'll have to carefully consider her position. Deirdre feels she and Ken live in each other's pockets and there's no need for them to be more "together" but Ken insists that they owe it to themselves to give their relationship one last try and move in together. Sharon is surprised and annoyed when Rita backtracks and suggests a handing over period of a few months, with them having a fifty-fifty partnership. Deirdre tells Ken she'll give it a go and move in with him. He's delighted.


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