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Ken and Deirdre tell Tracy time's running out for her to save her marriage. Leanne struggles to understand her place at The Kabin now Rita has given it to Sharon. Sharon assures Leanne that her job is safe. Tom is stunned to learn Audrey has sacked Maxine in order to pay for him to stay on. Gary tells Nick how wonderful parenthood is but Nick is appalled by the idea of ending up like him. Maxine is distraught about losing her job. Tom supports her by refusing to work for Audrey and resigning from his job. Fred tells Rita she must be mad giving The Kabin away to someone she's only had around for a couple of months. Roy plans to find a vicar willing to marry him and Hayley so Curly helps him surf the net to find someone. Nick gets a letter from Stephen Reid encouraging him and Leanne to emigrate. Gail tells Nick that Canada is no longer an option now the baby is coming. Tom assures Maxine that Audrey will crawl to her to return now he's resigned. Audrey struggles on single-handed but refuses to crawl to Maxine for help. Tracy cooks Robert a meal to attempt to patch things up so Deirdre spends the evening with Ken. Tom suggests to Maxine that they set up in opposition to Audrey, using the flat as a salon. Deirdre ends up sleeping in Ken's spare room to give the Prestons some space.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tom leaves Audrey in the lurch. Nick's hopes of a bright future are dashed.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,900,000 viewers (5th place - combined figure including repeat).
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