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Jackie gets Les to change the locks to No.7 with the promise of sexual favours. Ashley is hurt to discover the whole street knows about Leanne's pregnancy and he doesn't. Nick is furious to hear Les has broadcast the news. Sally is jealous of the way Rita is going out of her way to look after Sharon. Nick accuses Les of selfishly disregarding his and Leanne's feelings. Les changes the locks for Jackie and looks forward to a night with her plus £25 for the job. Vera starts work cleaning the salon. Mike gets Julia Stone to take him to an expensive restaurant. He isn't impressed by her samples and isn't amused when she heavily flirts with him. He tells her that he's not interested in her fabric or her. Ken and Deirdre plot to get Robert and Tracy together. Deirdre feels like she's turning into a manipulating mother like Blanche. Emily babysits to allow Gary to take Judy out for a meal. When Gary phones home, Spider answers and tells him Emily had to go out. The Malletts rush home early only to find Gary didn't get the full story - Emily had to nip home to take a phone call, leaving Spider with the twins for a couple of minutes. Emily isn't pleased that they didn't trust her. Gary and Judy are mortified. Miranda Peters feels sorry for Nick when he tells her that Leanne is pregnant. She urges him to be absolutely certain he wants a baby. Tracy refuses to meet with Robert and accuses her parents of taking his side against hers. Mike tells Alma about Julia offering herself to him and assures her that he turned her down. Julia reports back to someone by phone that she's confident she can weaken Mike.


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