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Gary looks after the twins whilst Judy starts work and feels guilty about leaving them. Rita is bothered by the thought of Sharon returning to Nottingham. Nick and Leanne feel too young to be parents but she urges him to think positive about it. Deirdre is thrilled when Tracy turns up on Mother's Day. Tracy tells her that she's left Robert Preston as he keeps finding fault with her. Leanne is amazed when Nick says they should consider an abortion. She can't believe he'd think of getting rid of their baby and tells Toyah she wants to keep it. Steve makes the corner shop flat more inhabitable for Nita and chats her up. Toyah tells Nick he's selfish and immature for not thinking of Leanne's feelings. Deirdre and Ken worry about Tracy and can't work out why she's left Robert. Judy is annoyed that after spending all day worrying about the twins, Gary has coped with them. Spider suggests to Curly that he waits until the Dobbses are out and then reclaims his house. Nick apologises to Leanne and assures her that he wants the baby.


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Sharon Gaskell: "Curly Watts and Terry Duckworth. Living proof... that my love life's always been one big, stinky pile o' doings!"

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