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Betty advises Natalie not to rush into another relationship so soon after Des. Toyah falls for Tom. Sharon assures Ian that she has no doubts about getting married. He is disappointed. Jack sadly says goodbye to his pigeons as Charlie West takes them to breed from. Betty sees Ian leaving The Kabin and is horrified to learn he's marrying Sharon at the weekend. Jack refuses to accept a lift in Charlie's truck when Les tells him it's stolen. Vera buys christening gowns for the Malletts as she knows they've no money. Judy is touched and tells her that she's like a mother to her. Ian spends his stag night wining and dining Natalie. Betty tells Rita that Ian is seeing Natalie behind Sharon's back. Sharon has her hen party at the Rovers. Natalie is astonished when Rita calls her a hard-faced bitch.


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Notable dialogue[]

Les Battersby: "You know you've got a great place 'ere Charlie, I've always wanted a smallholding."
Charlie West: "Your Janice reckons you've already got one!"


Rita Sullivan (To Natalie Barnes): "By hell, lady, I've met some hard-faced bitches in my time, but you take the bloody gold medal!"

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