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Ashley is convinced that Lorraine fancies him. Rita tries to talk to Nita about the price war but Nita refuses to speak to her. Jack offers Tyrone his pigeons. Tyrone is interested in having them and breeding them but Jackie refuses to let him. Ravi is alarmed to find Nita is making little profit because of her price war with The Kabin. Maxine is worn out at the salon, coping without Audrey. Lorraine finds Ashley too dull. Alison worries about Kevin's whereabouts. She tells Sally that it'll be her fault if he's done anything stupid. Ian makes the final arrangements for the wedding whilst continuing to work Natalie into bed. Jackie goes for a job at the salon but Maxine refuses to employ her. Natalie is troubled that she fancies Ian so soon after Des's death. She feels it's not normal. Maxine advertises for an assistant.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Rita tries diplomacy in a bid to end the trade war, and Jack turns to Tyrone when Natalie puts his pigeons on death row.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,260,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue[]

Fred Elliott: "I did all my courting in t'pictures."
Janice Battersby: "Ugh, what an 'orrible thought..."
Fred Elliott: "Whaddya mean? It were a wonderful time! I once sat through two showings of The Dam Busters and never once saw the screen. She were insatiable was Sonia Bostock..."
Janice Battersby: "Ew, that's put me right off me pie..."

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