Toyah is aghast when Tyrone sends her a Valentine's card. Ken and Deirdre are sent identical Valentine's cards by Blanche, hoping they'd think they were from each other. Hayley decorates the function room at The Flying Horse with 1970s pop posters. She is sad as Roy refuses to talk to her. She breaks down, telling Alma that she knows she should have listened to him and not other people. Les dresses in a body stocking to DJ the party. Jackie and Janice both dress as Blondie, Linda dresses as Suzi Quatro and Alma as Kate Bush. Janice is furious when Jackie says she looks like Margaret Thatcher and has to be stopped from hitting her. Lorraine takes Steve to the disco and is annoyed when he dumps her on Ashley and makes a play for Linda. Linda makes it clear she's interested in him and they leave together. Jackie is interested to discover some of Les' albums are worth money. Alma urges Roy to forgive Hayley before he loses her. Les is thrilled when Jackie comes on to him. Alison wins the disco raffle. The first prize is a bottle of whisky. Janice is furious when Les gives Jackie the prize for the best costume. Hayley is thrilled when Roy turns up at the disco and makes up with her. Lorraine gets drunk and, to get at Spider, makes a pass at Ashley. He is thrilled when she suggests they spend the night together. Les is mortified when he discovers Jackie trying to make off with his rare Buddy Holly album. Janice sees him searching her and gets the wrong idea. She hits him and smashes the record. Les has to pay Charlie West £50 for the equipment and ends up with £5 wages after spending the rest on booze. Roy gives Hayley his grandmother's ring and proposes. She agrees to marry him.


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