Fred is shocked when Nita starts to sell newspapers. She refuses to stick to the unwritten agreement between the Corner Shop and The Kabin. Rita is horrified to learn Nita is selling newspapers. She fears it'll put her out of business. Les buys an old turntable and set of lights for his disco. The Court Welfare Officer, Malcolm Fairhurst, interviews a nervous Sally. She tells him that she's not proud of moving in with Greg, she just wants her children back. She is upset when he feels a three-month lease on No.6 isn't much to offer the girls. Fairhurst questions Kevin about how he can cope with his business and the girls. Gerald Lickley lectures his staff on going behind his back and asking for official investigations of Weatherfield Vale. He makes sure Martin knows it was him and threatens him with libel. Les borrows Toyah's speakers for his system but overloads it and blows them. She is furious. Sharon goes down with flu and has to cancel a weekend away with Ian. Martin rows with Audrey for talking to Lickley about the inspection but she swears she's not said anything. When he finds out it's her night off, Ian takes Natalie out for a meal. Vik takes alcohol from the shop to get Maxine drunk. Hayley spies on Roy and his dance tutor Beryl Freeman. When she trips over in the garden he finds her. He is upset that she obviously doesn't believe him or trust him.


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  • Due to the illness of Maggie Jones, a scene in which Blanche tells Deirdre to stop denying the truth and face up the fact that she and Ken are made for each other was cut from the script.
  • TV Times synopsis: Roy accuses Hayley of not trusting him and Martin is furious with Audrey.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,880,000 viewers (7th place - combined figure including repeat).
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