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Ravi supervises the opening of the shop and clashes with Nita over how it should be run. Vikram isn't keen on working under Nita. Maxine is impressed by Vikram and fancies him. Hayley tells Roy that she saw him with a woman and demands to know who she was. He explains he's having dancing lessons. She is relieved. Ravi tells Nita he's proud of her. Ken invites Deirdre to a meal to discuss Tracy. Janice tells Hayley that she shouldn't believe Roy as he's probably making excuses. Hayley demands that he shows her his dancing but he feels he can't. Fred tells Audrey that he's warned Gerald Lickley, his fellow Square Dealer, that someone wants his place inspected and he should do something about it.


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Notable dialogue[]

Fred Elliott (booming): "Ello, little Sharon!"
Sharon Gaskell: "Hello, big Fred..."

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