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Martin is amazed at how badly run Weatherfield Vale is and how little Gerald Lickley cares. Lickley is annoyed to discover Martin has been trying to get Walter Byford moved to his sister's home. He tells him how hard business is but Martin points out they're talking about people's lives. Nita takes possession of the shop and shows her brother Vikram around. Fred tries to get her to buy the furniture in the flat but she refuses. Martin is pleased when he manages to secure a place for Walter in his sister's home but when he goes to tell him the news, he discovers that Walter is dead. Vikram is taken with Maxine. Martin rows with Audrey for not having done anything to help Walter. Lorraine flirts with Steve but he isn't interested in her. Martin feels the Vale needs exposing but Gail points out if he does anything he'll lose his job and asks him to think of his family instead of his principles. Hayley is suspicious of Roy's movements when he puts his best clothes on to go for a walk.


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