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Natalie and Colin both regret spending the night together and feel they've betrayed Des. Sally and Kevin go to court to fight for custody of the children. They both reject mediation so the judge orders reports to be made. Mike is part of the panel who interview the Duckworths at the golf club. Vera is nervous but tries to bluff her way through it. In the end they don't get the jobs because they have no catering experience. Alison doesn't like the idea of a Welfare Officer questioning her about her relationship with Kevin. He assures her that he won't let worry over the case spoil their weekend together. She is upset when Kevin makes a scene in the street, calling Sally a lying, selfish bitch. Ian calls at the Rovers and cheers Natalie up. When Betty comments on him, Natalie warns her to mind her own business.


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Vera Duckworth: "Yes, I scrub floors, I polish the tables, bung bleach down the toilets, nowt stinks when I've gone home."

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