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Roy can't dance and worries about letting Hayley down at her disco. Audrey discovers that Alf's pension died with him as he made no provision for her. She feels she couldn't have meant much to him. Natalie goes to court to see Des's killers and gets upset when Colin shouts at her about Tony. He apologises when she tells him she shopped Tony to the police. Jack asks Mike to put in a good word for him and Vera at the golf club. Mike is amused to think of them as club stewards. Natalie sees that Colin genuinely mourns Des and realises that they both need to talk about him. They go out to a pub together and discuss how their lives have changed since Des's death. She insists he stays at the Rovers as he drinks too much to drive home. Martin asks Audrey to use her influence to get Walter Byford and his sister placed in the same home. Roy sneaks out behind Hayley's back to keep a secret appointment. Natalie cries when she misses Des holding her. Colin comforts her and they end up kissing.


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  • TV Times synopsis: After an emotional day at court, Natalie does something she will regret. Kevin faces up to the possibility of losing his daughters.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,520,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue[]

Eunice Gee (discussing a golfer): "He had a very small handicap."
Vera Duckworth: "He did?"
Eunice Gee: "Oh, he was always going on about it."
Vera Duckworth: "You'd think he'd keep quiet about it, wouldn't yer?"

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