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Natalie buys in a load of sell-quick beer and plans to sell it half-price to fill the Rovers. Lorraine is stunned when Spider spells it out to her that they're finished. Sally rings up over a house to rent and is horrified to discover she's talking to Natalie. Natalie tells her that she's welcome to No.6 if she wants it. Sally swallows her pride as she knows having a house with garden will help her win the girls back. Eunice goes shopping with Vera and is amused by the way she pretends to be well-off. Vera tells Jack that it's obvious the B&B is a goldmine. Blanche tells Deirdre that she was a fool finishing with Ken. When Deirdre asks when she's going home, Blanche gets upset and accuses her of wanting rid of her. Deirdre ends up saying she loves having her to stay. The pub fills with people buying the cheap beer. Les and Jackie get drunk together.


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