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Sally refuses to let Kevin have custody of the girls and vows to fight for them. Vera challenges Jack to swap jobs so he does the cleaning. He goes along with the idea when she cuts cards for the job but then he chickens out, saying it would be unmanly. Miranda Peters suggests to Nick that he appeases Leanne by taking her on a cheap holiday to Canada. Spider refuses to work at the Rovers as he feels he's doing Vera out of a job. Martin goes to see the hospital administrator and is stunned to be told he's no longer wanted at the hospital as his resignation could have prejudiced the inquiry. Linda and Nita are surprised to see each other as they were in the same class at school. Martin offers himself to Natalie and is taken on as barman at the Rovers. Gail is appalled. Nick arranges to take Leanne to Canada for three weeks. Alison worries about the Websters' divorce but Kevin assures her that she won't get dragged through the courts. She suggests that they take the girls away with them when they go for the weekend. Sally applies for a residence order.


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